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Enterprise IT & AV Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning solutions that improve office productivity.

[Only available in Hong Kong]


Leading the Cleaning Service Industry With Innovative Technology

Based on the latest in anti-microbial technology, our innovative 6-step office cleaning process is designed specifically for keyboards, mice and computers.


Improve Employee Welfare

Provide a safe and comfortable work environment, improving staff welfare and productivity.


Minimize Spread of Germs

Regularly cleaning IT & AV equipment can minimize the spread of germs within the workplace.


Save Money

Regular cleaning & maintenance of IT & AV equipment can increase both its intrinsic value as well its lifespan.


Improve General Appearance

Improve the overall look and feel of client meeting rooms and office areas with clean IT & AV equipment.

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How We Protect Your Tech

OVNU Business Services provides an end-to-end IT cleaning service that leaves your equipment streak-free. We ensure complete IT equipment disinfection in your workspace by:

  1. Removing surface dust & debris
  2. Cleaning & sanitising, killing 99.99% of bacteria
  3. Drying & polishing using a non-abrasive cloth
  4. Carefully return equipment back to its original position with minimal disruption

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Experts in IT Equipment Disinfection

We are seasoned professionals at sanitation and disinfection of enterprise office IT & AV equipment.


Experts in Entreprise IT Services

With OVNU’s background in IT services, our team’s focus is on providing the utmost care for our clients’ IT equipment.


In-House Product Development

We invest in in-house R&D and use our expertise to develop our own products that are safe and effective on tech equipment.


Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies

We have an excellent track record in providing professional IT services to MNCs and financial institutions.

Getting started with OVNU for Business

1. Book a Free Trial

We provide a free onsite trial of our cleaning service for up to 5 desks and 1 meeting room.

2. Decide The Scope & Frequency

We advise on the service scope and frequency that best suits your organisation.

3. Choose Your Preferred Time Slot

Pick a time slot that’s convenient to your organisation's schedule.
Starting at

HKD 15.50
per user, per month

Includes a standard desk with 1 x PC, 1 x screen,
1 x keyboard, 1 x mouse and 1 x telephone once per month.

For a tailored proposal, please reach out to
us with your requirements.

OVNU’s Personal Screen Cleaning Products

A revolutionary range of alcohol-free disinfection products created for your electronics. Created for your lifestyle.

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