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A Guide to Office Cleaning Services in Hong Kong

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Choosing the Best Office Hygiene Services for Your Business

In light of the pandemic, many businesses in Hong Kong have re-examined the office hygiene services they use, with newfound importance on reducing harmful bacteria rather than just having a clean office for appearance. Emerging research shows that the benefits of a hygienic and sanitary workspace extend beyond just combatting COVID and harmful bacteria. It can improve employee productivity, boost workplace satisfaction, and reduce absenteeism rates. That being said, the endless list of cleaning services in Hong Kong can make it difficult to decide which office cleaning service is right for your company’s needs. We’ve made it easy for you by whittling it down to the comprehensive service providers for different budgets and needs.

General Office Cleaning: Good for Small & Budget-Based Businesses

Smaller businesses, or a business that lacks a substantial budget may benefit from using a general office cleaning service. This type of cleaning is what most businesses used pre-pandemic. It covers the obvious tasks - emptying wastebaskets, wiping down desks, etc. However, it is not particularly effective at eliminating germs or addressing hot spots where bacteria can rapidly breed as general cleaners often lack the specific knowledge and/or equipment to address these challenges. Nevertheless, you can combat this by handing additional responsibility to each employee to sanitise their own workspace.

Our Recommendation for General Office Cleaning: Toby Office Cleaning

Thanks to its fast and transparent practices, Toby is a popular office cleaning option among smaller and budget-conscious businesses in Hong Kong. The service includes basic cleaning tasks such as bin emptying, pantry cleaning, dusting and wiping and washroom cleaning. However, be aware that you’ll need to shell out extra for cleaning supplies as Toby cleaners will not provide their own.

Deep Cleaning: Good for Large or COVID-Exposed Businesses

For businesses that operate large spaces, such as shared-workplace businesses, or have been exposed to COVID, deep cleaning services are the best preventative measure you can take to eliminate harmful bacteria. In addition, the hefty price tag associated with this level of cleaning service can also be a deterrent for most businesses. Nevertheless, deep cleaning remains the most effective way to eliminate all harmful bacteria in your facility.

Our Recommendation for Deep Cleaning: Johnson Group

As one of Hong Kong’s longest running cleaning companies, Johnson Group leverages the latest and most comprehensive deep cleaning practices to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in any space. While they are the best choice to ensure hospital-grade hygiene, don’t expect your office to be decluttered. The service tackles disinfection, sanitising and anti-microbial coating, but will not address the more basic aspects of office cleaning such as organising and bin emptying.

IT Cleaning: Best for Large or IT-heavy business

As emerging evidence points to office equipment as one of the biggest culprits for virus transmission within the office, a new type of cleaning service has emerged – IT cleaning. This cleaning service directly tackles areas where bacteria tends to grow and multiply in the office. Unlike deep cleaning which is a reactive method, IT cleaning is a preventative method which aims to eliminate the issue before it can become a problem. In addition, the general low costs associated with this service makes it a more practical and less disruptive option than its deep cleaning counterpart. However, like the name suggests, IT cleaning only services office equipment and technology, making it a less than ideal solution for businesses where the majority of employees don’t use laptops, desktops or IT equipment.

Our Recommendation for Deep Cleaning: OVNU

OVNU has proved itself as a leader in the IT cleaning industry by patenting its own products that are specifically designed for safe use on keyboards, laptop screens, and more. By focusing on eliminating hot spots for the growth of harmful bacteria such as on keyboards and office printers, OVNU addresses the most critical, yet often overlooked aspects of office hygiene. OVNU’s services are available through various affordable packages. They even offer trial offers for organisation’s interested in IT cleaning services.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the right type of cleaning service for your office depends on your company's unique needs. Just ensure whatever decision you make puts the well-being of your employees as the front and foremost priority.

See the impact IT cleaning can make on workspace wellness and book your free trial today with OVNU.

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